The Blog Index

The Blog Index is born! keep an eye out on https://theblogindex.org and https://blogindex.xyz for future developments.

This past week has been a whirlwind of ideas, research, and finally writing, code that is.  TheGoldenDragon and I have hashed out some basic ideas about what Boost 4 Blogs should be and in a moment of glory I decided to mimic The Podcast Index by registering blogindex.org!

I went to my domain registry of choice, Dynadot, to register for a snappy new domain name and found blogindex.org, blogindex.com and even blogindex.net already registered and abandoned.  I ended up registering blogindex.xyz and theblogindex.org both of which are pointing at a coming soon page at the moment.

The Blog Index is born!  keep an eye out on https://theblogindex.org and https://blogindex.xyz for future developments.

Before the site launches, I need to get into the nitty gritty of writing an API with FastAPI, then creating a webui to access the API.


  • Allow Bloggers to register their site
  • API allows for webhooks to add new blog posts
  • Make new content easy to find for internet users
  • Allow users to rate posts, sites, and authors
  • A halfway decent, community built and supported comment system not rife with trackers, ads, etc.
  • Introduce Value 4 Value to the greater blogging community
  • Allow users to send value to bloggers
    • Value includes:
      • Time and or Talent: Add Value to the blog by sharing it, linking, sharing or even offering content back
      • Treasure: donations via Fiat and Lightning payments

Value 4 Value

The basic concept of Value 4 Value is if you find someone's work valueable, consider giving value back as you see fit.  This can be with Time, Talent or Treasure.

Time, Talent, Treasure

While treasure in the form of sats is very welcome, time and talent is very much appreciated too! You can remix or translate my work, create an audio or video version, or simply take some time to send it to a friend.

Value 4 Value Buttons

As you probably see in the right bottom corner of my site, there is a Value 4 Value button.  Clicking this link pops up a modal that will allow you to send a Lightning Payment via Alby or a donation via Paypal.  I want to allow more people to do this same type of button again, without trackers, ads, and other nasty bits of code reaching their users.

Join Me

Come join me in the revolution.  We're building it from the ground up together on Matrix. You can also reach out on X (formerly known as Twitter), Telegram or by Boostagram with Alby!

Value 4 Value Thanks

I wanted to take a moment a thank a few people who took the time to send some value my way:

On August 24, 2023, I had 3 anonymous boosts of 5000 sats saying "Thanks for writing this article! 🚀", 1000 sats and 5000 sats adding up to 11,000 sats.

On August 25, 2023, Another anonymous booster sent in 500 sats saying "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT".

On September 2, 2023 TheGoldenDragon sent 2000 sats saying "My Pledge from last blog post!"

On September 3, 2023, an anonymous user who sent 2222 sats, a row of ducks, who also sent a message in "Sending some love after seeing the Golden Dragon mention about how you're trying to make boosts more easily integrated into websites and with RSS. This is important work!"

Thank you everyone who showed some love.  Those of you who I didn't get your name, I apologize.  That's one of the things I'm trying to fix for bloggers.  A better system for boostagrams.

Please feel free to boost, email, or hit me up on Telegram or Matrix to let me know if your were one of these generous anonymous individuals so I can give you a proper shout out!