Adding Frigate+ Integration to fEVR

Adding Frigate+ Integration to fEVR
frigate Event Video Recorder

Starting with version 0.11.0, Frigate includes a way to upload events to Frigate+.  Frigate+ for now is free to create an account to upload images and will cost $5/mo for the ability to have AI models suited for Frigate.  Eventually, custom models for your installation will be available as well.  See https://frigate.video/plus/ for more details.

Given that fEVR is a front end to frigate itself it should be trivial to integrate Frigate+ into fEVR itself, making it an easy way to give back to the project which inspired my pet project.

The current release of fEVR is v0.6-RC4, and I intend to integrate Frigate+ beginning in v0.6.1 which will begin development after v0.6.0 is released some point next week.  I am targeting June 17, 2022 for it's release.

You can follow fEVR's development at https://github.com/beardedtek-com/fevr.