Time to Write Some Tutorials!

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I'm at an exciting point in my development journey.  I've been writing code, whether BASIC, VB.net, c bash scripting, JavaScript, php, and more recently over the past few years, python.

The one thing I did not have under my belt before was an actual usable project that has garnered interest from my peers.  Up until now, I've just written code for my own small one-time use projects, or to scratch a knowledge itch.  I am by no means a professional and have just myself to rely on.

I found that GitHub Actions can build docker containers for me with a bit of code.  However, I got bit by both the GitHub Container Registry and Docker Hub as I was going over my limit for package commits in a day.

To get around this and still build images whenever I feel the need, which can be quite often when I'm testing new features, I needed to get away from GitHub.  Sometimes.

To do this, I figured I'd need my own private container registry, and a build server.  That's where drone comes in.

Their documentation is thorough, if you know the terminology.  If you're like me and new to the CI/CD train, it can take a bit of time to set this all up.

That's why I'm working on a series of tutorials on setting up drone, a container registry, and integrating that into your git repositories.

I'll also get into a tutorial on mirroring your GitHub repos on a self-hosted gitea instance as well.